Location: Vilsandi Island, Kihelkonna Rural Municipality, Saare County
Start of renovation: April 2011
Completion of renovation: by Michaelmas’ Day (September 29th) 2012
Lodge for the attendants of Vilsandi Lighthouse – Vilsandi Energy House
In addition to the reconstruction of the building, a broader aim of this endeavor is set to reestablishing of the Vilsandi Island and underlying of the Lighthouse, and Kingdom of Birds as one-time tourism magnet, which formerly, during 1920s and 1930s welcomed thousands and thousands of visitors from allover the world.
The attractive object that offers answers to actual eco-questions is innovative and unique phenomena in Estonia, and with high probability in the entire European Union.
The investment that is made through the support of European Union, which is administrated by the Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB) provides opportunities of significantly increasing the innovative approach of enterprise through innovative services offered, but also development of non-agricultural micro-enterprise in connection with improvement of local resources based life quality.
The building and its most competently projected and constructed technical systems serve as utmost objects of example; monitoring systems of economical ecological technologies provide the possibility of presenting the current and updated information on the homepage – all the above creates the possibility of effective introduction of this object and the related services.
Steps of action:
  • Historical barracks from XIX century would be renovated into historical building of low energy utility (energy consumption 40-106 kWh/m2/a) with economical technical solutions;
  • Renovation and utilization of the building is environment-friendly;
  • The production and consumption of energy is under constant monitoring; monitoring data and statistics as well as technological assembly solutions of the building are presented to the visitors for exhibition;
  • The barrack rooms of maritime rescue team built during XIX century would be accommodated for cultivation of Vilsandi’s traditional handicraft, arts and other creation;
  • Historical heritage would be preserved, and actual high-level technologies in the field of energy efficiency and environment are demonstrated throughout the entire Europe;
  • Unique product in Europe (possibly in the entire world, for information with regard to such product has not been indicated to the date) would be created.